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Stream the concert on December 11 at 9pm Japan time

Our a cappella concert "ZIPANG" held at Urayasu Concert Hall in September will be streamed on Twitcasting!
This concert, which featured only unaccompanied Japanese mixed choral works, was so well received that we wanted to bring this performance to people overseas. Therefore, the concert will be streamed on Twitcasting, which can be viewed from outside Japan.
The streaming will begin at 9:00 p.m. Japan time on December 11.
The archive will be available for viewing until December 17.

To purchase tickets, please visit the following URL.

Below are the details of the concert, including the program.

Enjoy the Japanese a cappella sound!
The theme of the concert was 'Japan', with many Japanese mixed choral pieces and arrangements of Japanese folk songs! 
Enjoy a variety of world-class masterpieces (6 voices or less) that have been created by the Japanese choral world!

1st Stage Works of Akira Miyoshi 
〜In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of his birth and the 10th anniversary of his death 
 The Child on the Stairs 
 Puppet theatre
 Before the Bowing
 Let's go home, Deko-boy 
 Itchy Tummy

2nd Stage Japanese folk song 
 Hanagasa Odori Arr. by Kiyoshige Koyama 
 Hokkai Bon Uta Arr. by Kiyoshige Koyama 
 Chiran-bushi Arr. by Michio Mamiya 
 Nariyama Ayagu Arr. by Zukeran Naoko 
 Takeda Lullaby Arr. by Grayston Ives 
 Hachinohe folk song medley Arr. by Miyuki Sato

3rd Stage Mixed chorus "Wind Ripple" 
              Composed by Ishii Kan, Poem by Iwatani Tokiko 
 Wind and Dunes 
 You are the wind 
 Good night dune 
 Wind ripple

4th Stage a cappella selection 
 Homework composed by Naoto Aizawa
 To you composed by Ko Matsushita
 Let's sing a cappella composed by Atsushi Tago
 My Lyric Poem composed by Hideki Chihara
 A Little Happiness composed by Tomoko Tanimoto Arranged by Yoshiki Tanimoto
 SUKIYAKI composed by Nakamura Hachidai Arranged by Atsushi Tago
 Nemuri (Sleep) composed by Junko Yokoyama